Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Living Life to the Max Challenge Introduction

Living Life to the Max!

My elder sim, Ellen Singer, is going to live life to the max. After her husband, Bobby, passed away Ellen realized her life was empty. No kids, no grandkids. It had always been just her and Bobby. And all she had to show for it was a house.

Well, that was about to change. She was going to experience as much of life as she could before Grim come calling for her. Come with her on this journey!

Ellen has always enjoyed art, though Bobby wasn't a fan. Now was the time to fill her home with personal works of art. Ellen sets out to learn every genre of art there is, but her early drawings are only mediocre.

{I'm only just beginning this challenge, but I really think I'll enjoy it since I think elders get over looked in the Sims 4. If you decide you want to try it, here's a link to the challenge with all the rules...

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