Friday, December 11, 2015

Living Life to the Max: Part 3

(** Means related to a Goal)

Part 3: Becoming more accomplished!

Ellen and Gia’s life fell into a routine. Breakfast together in the morning, fresh prepared by Ellen, where they’d talk about their lastest creative activity. Ellen would tell Gia about her current book and Gia would tell Ellen what she painted the day before and how much she commissioned them for.  (**)

It wasn’t long before Ellen began feeling cooped up again. Over breakfast she invited Gia to go to the park in Oasis Springs with her, but Gia was feeling the bug today, and wanted to stay home and paint.

Ellen headed off for the park after breakfast. She spent some time fishing, and then she walked around to see what collectibles where around. She still needed a couple metals to complete her home collection. (**)

Along the way, she noticed this beautiful lemon tree, ripe with lemons. It got her thinking… it would be nice to have a little garden with flowers and a couple fruits.  She picked a couple lemons, happy she had a new activity to add to her life. She was definitely going to live life to the max! 

  She was growing hungry, and had noticed some grills near the seating area. On the way, she noticed a little blackberry bush hiding near some rocks. A quick inspection showed they weren't ready for harvest yet, but Ellen really wanted some for her garden she’d make at home. She’d just wait until they were ready. It was nice being out of the house. 

While she was eating the Park Ranger, Joanne,  stopped by and began talking with her. Ellen mentioned the blackberries. Joanne said they were very near being in season and should be ready to harvest in a day or two.

While wondering around after dinner (Ellen just wasn’t feeling up to a jog today) she meet a elder sim named Mila Munch. Mila was a foodie, and they became fast friends talking about different meals. (**)

Ellen spent two days at the Park, waiting for the blackberries to become ready for harvest. Each night she called Gia to check in (as was Gia request).

Finally the blackberries where ready to be harvested! Ellen quickly picked them and headed home. She enjoyed being out of the house, but she sure missed Gia. Phone calls weren’t the same as their mornings together.

 Spending days writing and evenings on her garden, the garden was coming along rather quickly.

 Over breakfast one morning, Gia had a brilliant idea. She suggested they take a vacation to nearby Granite Falls. They both had saved up a good little sum and Gia thought they could use a break from being stuck in the house. They opted to rent the larger 2 bedroom cabin, but vowed to spend most of their time outdoors. In truth, Ellen was getting far too old to “rough it” in a tent, so she was thankful Gia suggested the cabin. (**)

As promised, they roasted marshmellows by the fire, they played horseshoes together, and did some fishing. It was Gia’s first time fishing. She never had an interest before, but she enjoyed the time with Ellen. She even managed to catch a perch! Ellen even has decided to replace a couple of her smaller trophy fish with a couple neats ones from Granite Falls (**)

That night, by the fire, Ellen told Gia a ghost story she had heard as a child. Gia really enjoyed hearing the tale!

For dinner, Ellen was getting better at the Gourmet meals that she had learned from Mila (**).

That night, while the girls slept, a ghost came by and was haunting the outside light on the front porch. (Unfortunately he disappeared before I could get a pic) Was it the spirit of the man in Ellen’s ghost story? We may never know since he disappeared so quickly, neither girl got to meet him.

Soon, maybe too soon, it was time to go home. The girls were feeling more relaxed and happy heading back to NewCrest. Although Ellen wouldn’t tell Gia, she was starting to feel more and more tired.

Ellen is accomplishing so much in her life, but she wants to accomplish a few things more. What is going on with her that she is suddenly feeling tired all the time?


New Collectibles

Completed this Part:

Collectibles – 15pts

5 Friends – 10 pts

Photography – 8 pts

Vacation – 1 pt

Total Points Earned:  54 pts

Nearly complete this part

Fitness – 3 Skill points

Cooking – Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, 6 Gourmet. Still need 3 Baking. 

Writing – 5 Excellent genre books wrote

Working on:

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  1. I'm really enjoying your take on how your achieved everything and the read is engaging. Keep it up you are nearly there.