Sunday, December 20, 2015

Living Life to the Max Part 4

Part 4: All Good Things Must Come to an End
(**) = Part of the Challenge/Goals

Ellen was jogging less and less. And she'd come home just wiped out and needing a nap each time.

She spent most of her timing reading Gardening Books and Baking when she wasn't finishing up what was going to be her final book, a screenplay titled: This is My Life. (**)

Ellen decided to have a swimming pool installed. She really wanted to keep up her fitness, but jogging was getting to be too much for her. It only took a week for the contractor to have it completely installed and soon, Ellen was enjoying some nice relaxing swims. Though she still got tired after. (**)

Ellen's garden was coming along well. She enjoyed the quiet time outside. And Gia always came out every evening to check on Ellen. They'd spend the evening stargazing and talking. Gia was aware of Ellen's tiredness, and seemed to paint less and check on Ellen more.

Gia had a wonderful idea one evening. She wanted to throw a party and invite all of Ellen's friends over. It was a small get together, as poor Mila had passed and poor Jackson had become an elder. But, it was a great time, with great friends, and good food.

The next day, Ellen and Gia decided to pamper themselves to day at the local Spa. It had been a little while since either of them had went. What a better time than now and what better company than each other!

They both got deep tissue back massages, and wonderful foot massages. The ladies were truly relaxed by the time they got home that afternoon. Though Ellen needed a bit of a nap to recover such relaxation.


The girls really spent their time together. Ellen knew Gia wasn't ready to hear it, but Ellen had went to an attorney and made up a will. Gia would get everything Ellen had when her time to pass has come. Gia, always with tears in her eyes, tells Ellen she isn't worried about that at all.

One afternoon, Gia was coming to check on Ellen during one of her naps. Something that had became routine for Gia. And She found Ellen collapsed at the foot of the bed.

Grim showed shortly to collect Ellen's soul.

Gia had Ellen's tombstone put next to Ellen's garden that she loved and perfected with so much of her time. It was a nice resting place for Ellen.

Completed This Part:

Cooking - 15pts

Fitness - 5 pts

Writing - 6 pts

Gardening - 20 pts

Tombstone - 10 pts

Total: 110 pts

This was a very fun challenge. I had to use the potion of youth twice to complete. Thank you to the creator, Jennifer Atterton over at Jen's Storyboard for creating such a fun challenge for our elders! :)


  1. You are most welcome, Chelle Jo and if I can get a good shot of your elder I'll make you up a badge reward to put in your signature if you want one.

  2. Have you a close up shot of her head and shoulders Chelle Jo?