Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Living Life to the Max Part 1

 ** means it's part of her collection (goals for the challenge).

 Part Two: Kindred Spirits

Ellen worked hard to get her collection of personal art going, and she was making headway.

Life became very lonely for Ellen, always in her creative room, working on her art. She really missed Bobby.

Maybe it was time to get out and explore the neighborhood. Maybe meet some friends she could talk to. So Ellen heads to Newcrests new park.

She quickly meets a sweet young girl, Gia Hahn.

Gia and Ellen quickly became friends, regardless of the large age difference. They both loved art, learning new things, and had an equal zest for life. (** - teen friend and selfie)

Over the next few weeks, the girls became closer. Ellen learned that Gia was a homeless teen living in Newcrest. Her parents had passed away the year before and she refused to go into Foster Care.
Gia would spend many a nights crashing on Ellen's couch.

They'd spend evenings playing chess and talking about the future.

Ellen's art collection has grown, and is almost complete. She's made a tidy little sum off the paintings she's sold that she didn't want for her collection. She couldn't think of a better way to spend her extra simoleans then to turn her spare bedroom into a bedroom for Gia. The sweet girl might as well move in, as she's there most nights anyways. (My game has been very buggy and glitchy since the Dec 2015 patch and Get Together's release. I guess I can add a new glitch to the list. Ellen and Gia's relationship was maxed and I never got the option to ask her to move in. So I did use the cheat to add her to the family, but, bright side. She brought 0 simoleans with her that way.). **

Ellen also gave Gia a bit of money to go get her some extra clothes. The makeover seemed to suit her well, though she kept her current outfit as well, since it was the last one she picked out with her mother.

Gia is quite the chess player. Ellen even tries to sneak in a move every now and then.

They spend some evenings going to the museum in Willow Creek and study art together.

While Gia is at school, when not working on new paintings, Ellen will wonder the neighborhood, collecting things along the way. She's getting quite the collection going. **

Now that her art collection is complete, (**) Ellen wonders what exactly she'll do next.

Next Part, Ellen will work on a new goal.

Completed This Part:

Paintings - 6 pts
Move in a Friend - 6 pts.

Total pts so far - 12 pts


  1. This is excellent, ChellaJo. I am really enjoying it and it's bringing back my memories when I tested it for myself. Did the story show up on my blog, as it hadn't when I went into it today, but have since rectified that.

  2. I'll have to look. I have literally spent the whole day playing this challenge (except the writing here). I have done no adulting today. LOL

    I'll go check out your blog again for your story! :)

    Thanks again! :)