Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Living Life to the Max Part 2

(** Means related to a Goal)

Part Two: Exploring Life

Having been cooped up in the house for the most part of the last few months, Ellen decided to do a morning jog daily. (**)

But, Ellen was still pretty lonely while Gia was at school. She noticed quite a few people a few houses down, near the creek, fishing. What a fun way to meet new people! (**)

Sure enough, one day while fishing, she meet a very nice little girl named Elsa Bjergsen (**). Little Elsa was fishing as well, when they began to discuss the different baits to use for fish. Ellen was pleasantly surprised at Elsa's knowledge on the subject. They became friends rather quickly. (I don't know if it's another bug/glitch with my game or by design, but Ellen couldn't take a selfie with Elsa, so this was the best I could do).

Jogging each morning, fishing during the day, and meeting new friends has kept Ellen pretty busy. But she makes sure to cook Gia a home-cooked meal each meal every day. (**) They spend that time catching up with school and day to day life.

Gia has worked hard at her school work and finally raised her grade to an A in high school. The future looks bright for the first time since her parents passing.

One evening, while Ellen was wrapping up her fishing for the day, she meet a man name Jackson Bowie (adult). (**) They ended up spending several hours talking about life, kids, and their spouses (though poor Bobby was no longer here, Ellen still loved him with her whole heart).

Another great person that Ellen meet was at the park where she had meet Gia. A young woman named Sonya Liang. (YA) Sonya and Ellen were as different as night and day, but they embraced their differences and enjoyed telling each other stories. They became friends very fast (**).

In no time at all, Gia's birthday was upon them. After a private party, Gia and Ellen talked about Gia's future. Gia is more interested in art, having watched Ellen painting. She asked Ellen if it would be okay for her to stay and use Ellen's easel that she no longer uses. Tears came to Ellen's eyes. She'd be honored to have Gia stay with her. For as long as she liked.

Ellen is thinking of spending her time writing now that Gia will be in the creative room painting. They can spend that time, together, enjoying each other's company.

Pictures of Collections by the end of this part...

 Completed this Part: 

Fishing - 8 pts

Total Pts - 20 pts

Nearly Completed this Part: 

5 Friends (4/5) Having a hard time finding an elder in my worlds. It'll come with time.

Photos - (10/11) Still needing a selfie with an elderly friend.

Collections - Have 3 crystals, 3 frogs, 3 fossils, 3 Sim trophies, and 1 Metal... need 2 more metals. 

Working on Fitness - 2 Skill points out of 4. 

Have used the potion of youth once in this part. 


  1. Great work, ChellJo you are doing really well. Looking forward to the next part.

  2. Thank you, Jennifer!

    Thanks for a great and super fun challenge and thanks for reading. That's very sweet, I know you don't have to and I appreciate it! :)